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Welcome to our camp! Having traveled this far in your journey to experience the best that Morocco desert camps have to offer, we are delighted to extend the hand of friendship and show you what Atta Desert Camp offers, for it is probably a once-in-a-life-time experience you are about to embark on, and you – and definitely us – want it to be everything you imagined and unforgettable!
Welcome to our camp!

Having travelled this far in your journey to experience the best that Morocco’s desert camps have to offer, we are delighted to extend the hand of friendship and show you what Atta desert camp offers …

Bring the experience to life

We cater for a complete range of activities to suit most ages and interests so when making your booking let us know what your preferences are and we will ensure your maximum enjoyment…

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Our Camps

Our luxury camp is secluded, ringed by its own dunes and located a short distance from the main camp. We have luxury tents with large beds, quality bedding and your own ensuite shower/toilet facilities…

Why Choose Us?
Despite being in the desert, ATTA Desert Camp provides luxurious accommodations. Guests can stay in comfortable tents equipped with modern amenities such as comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst the desert environment.
Cultural Immersion:

Morocco Desert Camp offers opportunities for cultural immersion, allowing guests to experience the rich traditions and hospitality of the desert region. Visitors can enjoy traditional music and dance performances, savor authentic local cuisine, and interact with local communities.

Adventure Activities

For those seeking adventure, ATTA Desert Camp offers a range of exciting activities such as Desert Safaris, sandboarding, and desert trekking. These activities provide guests with an adrenaline rush while allowing them to explore the desert landscape in thrilling ways.

Desert Experience

The clear desert skies offer excellent opportunities for experience. ATTA Desert Camp provides stargazing experiences where guests can marvel at the beauty of the night sky, away from the lights of the city, and learn about the constellations from knowledgeable guides.

Professional Service

ATTA Desert Camp prides itself on providing exceptional service to its guests. The staff are attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, ensuring that visitors have a memorable and enjoyable experience during their stay at the camp to learn more about the way of nomad life.

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Authentic Desert Experience:

ATTA Desert Camp offers a genuine desert experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of the desert landscape. From camel rides to desert safaris, guests can explore the vast desert and its unique ecosystem.