Welcome to our camp! Having travelled this far in your journey to experience the best that Morocco’s desert camps have to offer, we are delighted to extend the hand of friendship and show you what Atta desert Camp  offers, for it is probably a once-in-a-life-time experience you are about to embark on, and you – and definitely us – want it to be everything you imagined and unforgettable!

Much more than just a desert camp !

Atta desert camp is much more than just a desert camp. Once we have enticed you to our desert world, and you need to know how to get there and what other exotic places and sights you are able to explore along the way, then we have an extensive range of tours ready to be tailored to a complete package just for you from your point of entry to Morocco.

We are from the south, it is where we come from and who and what we are; the desert is our backyard so we understand all its moods, it’s weather, it’s flora and fauna; we know its history, where the sacred oases are, how to leave as gentle an environmental footprint as possible; how to best get to anywhere – or nowhere.

To the desert

Our camp is situated approximately 60kms from M’hamid at Erg Chegaga which we believe is the most beautiful and pristine of these great sand dunes. M’hamid is the last town before you enter the desert, the end of sealed roads, and is known as “the gateway to the desert’.  Erg Chegaga desert is about 40km wide, with its dramatic high dunes reaching the height of 300 metres.  During your desert stay you can totally relax, or do as much as you wish, for we provide a range of accommodation and activities for all the family, for young and older, for the more timid or the bold. We have guides to ensure you have the most memorable and safe desert experience and cooks dedicated to supplying all your meals with the most delicious of Moroccan desert cuisine.

Depending on your itinerary, you may choose to arrive at Chegaga by camel or if time is short, by comfortable 4×4 vehicle, both of which we arrange. The camp is quietly situated in a sheltered horseshoe of dunes which gives it privacy and intimacy.  We have several permanent buildings as well as 6 traditional nomad tents in the main camp, and 3 luxury tents nestled a short distance away.  Meals are often eaten outside – a truly memorable experience – or in the open-sided Berber tent. All meals and most activities are included in the price.  Power at the camp is supplied through solar panels.

Magical Sunset

At the end of the day – whether it has exhausted you, refreshed you or just been all-round mind-blowing – take a walk to the nearby high dunes and watch the golden sun settles gently beyond the horizon. Your camp crew meanwhile will light a roaring fire, then bake fresh bread in the hot sand, deliver you a traditional Berber dinner, entertain you with Berber music and if you still have not had enough of the day – encourage you to take time to wonder at the magical desert night sky unhindered by pollution or other lights, before you go to sleep.

We have special tours for the New Year when we prepare a Berber feast and deliver extra entertainment for guests to see the New Year in as never before!! The camp will be closed for the middle of summer due to extremely hot, sizzling desert heat.