Luxury camp

Our luxury camp is secluded, ringed by its own dunes and located a short distance from the main camp. We have luxury tents with large beds, quality bedding and your own ensuite shower/toilet facilities. This camp can accommodate up to 3 couples. These tents are beautifully and artfully decorated with unique Berber rugs, carpets, soft drapes and local furniture. Power is supplied by solar panels. Outside your tent we provide an area for relaxing, decorated with local rugs, loungers, hammocks, low tables and softly lit at night by candles in our ornate Moroccan lanterns – is it romantic? Certainly! It is your own private “alfresco” area for entertaining, sipping Berber mint tea or doing nothing but taking in the magnificent desert that surrounds you!

Our dedicated staff will ensure you are totally spoilt with specially cooked Berber meals served outside on your own “terrace” during the day, and under the infinite and awe-inspiring desert sky with its myriad of stars after sunset. Cooling drinks are available at all times.