Desert Activities

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the desert is the camel or dromedary and no trip to Morocco is complete without a camel ride – short or longer.

If you wish just for an hour’s ride near the camp then we are happy to arrange that, but for the more adventurous, over night trips or longer can be organised to suit your time and budget. Treading softly across the sands is a timeless way to journey and will open your eyes to the real desert environment – the  wildlife, the  tenacious flora clinging to life with deep roots tapping into unseen water sources, shifting, sighing sands; the sound of silence.  Overnight under the stars will leave you with stunning memories of shooting stars and a Milky Way you will never forget.

Astronomy / Star Watching

The desert night sky is remarkably free of light and other pollution giving you an amazing opportunity to view the stunning constellations and incredible pathway of the Milky Way as it stretches across the sky.  Stay out long enough and you are sure to see shooting stars. Members of our staff will gladly help identify the various constellations twinkling brightly above you.

Sand Boarding

The dunes tempt sand boarders, but it is a sport for the reasonably fit and the daring. The dunes can be demanding to climb, although the run down will be exhilarating! If it is your thing, we can arrange!


Walking with a guide in the camp vicinity can be illuminating, for the desert is far from empty.  Many small creatures make this stunning but harsh environment their home although they are generally shy and it will take an experienced guide to find them.  Night time forays with the guide will also amaze you as many desert creatures are nocturnal.


Picnics can be arranged with lunch provided. We know particularly enjoyable picnic areas with shade trees and interesting sights along the way, where you can relax with that “long lunch”!  These memorable spots can be reached either on foot, or if you wish to venture further afield, by 4×4 vehicle.

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Visiting Oases

Within short drives from the camp are several interesting and historical oases, watering places for nomads & their herds or with ancient, sacred connections for the local tribes.  Some of these have been visited by nomads and camel caravans for centuries as they travelled well worn trading routes across the Sahara.


The desert is a photographer’s biggest landscape!   The dramatic vistas, bright natural light, and intense colours can give your pictures extra dimensions that will impress for many years. Make sure you have plenty of memory on your camera SD cards and bring spare, charged batteries; also protective dust proof bags for your equipment.


Depending on the time of year and seasonal movement of the local nomads, it is possible to visit these hardworking shepherd families whose lives have changed little for centuries. It will open your eyes to lives far removed from the modern day and you will be warmly welcomed.

Nomad School

Education is being encouraged for the nomad families with a school provided not far from the camp. It is a humbling experience to join these children and learn how they come to grips with modern life.  We support these schools with various educational initiatives and encourage you to join us.


Yoga is the ultimate uniting of mind, body and spirit but attempting to achieve this often requires a special space, a special place, a special silence. The majestic dunes of Erg Chegaga offer an unmatched, evocative, spiritual environment in which the essential elements of yoga will naturally blend. Whether you want a quiet corner of solitude and absolute beauty or prefer the support of a club, we offer the camp to small or larger groups and guarantee a truly extraordinary experience. Bring your instructors, teachers and your friends and leave the rest to us!