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The Atta Desert Camp can be reached by the following options:

  1.  We transfer you from Marrakech to the Camp, a distance of approximately 500kms so we allow a full day for the drive. The route is over the dramatic High Atlas Mountains, then along the beautiful Draa Valley to Tagounite and on to the Camp. The last 55 kms require a 4×4 as it is over desert terrain.
  2.  Drive yourself to Tagounite, just north of M’hamid, where we meet you and garage your vehicle in a secure facility; alternatively if you are a competent off road driver and can navigate with GPS it is possible to find the camp yourself.  But we suggest the first option is the safer one here.
  3.  Take public transport to Tagounite where we meet you for transfer to the Camp.
  4.  Fly to Zagora where we meet you for transfer to Atta Desert Camp. There are regular flights from Casablanca or Marrakech.
  5.  Helicopter from Marrakech to the Camp – a flight of approx. 1hr 40mins.

GPS Informations

GPS: 29°51’17.0″N 6°13’11.8″W
(World Geodetic System 84 -WGS 84-)

+212 (0) 661 354 093
+212 (0) 665 952 465